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Abbi Glines has done it again!

This Barbie is very well detailed, right down to the nail polish! This doll comes with a stand, which is very easy to remove if you want. Even the box that this comes in is really nice. Being that my daughter loves to play with Barbies, keeping it in the box, isn't going to happen. But, still, this doll is very well made and is worthy of any collection. The only thing is that the arms are not fully articulated. So, only the shoulders you can move the arms. The elbows and wrists are stationary. If this is a problem, just know that being that it is a collector doll, it may be for display only. But, if your daughter doesn't mind, then cool. Either way, this doll is really nice.

By Neelum Khan on Jul 21, 2017 ... ★★★★ 120 like this.


This is a great CD. What a performer Bobby Darin was. He had a very distinctive voice and style that really captured the heart of each song. I really like "Sunday In New York" quite a bit. It really swings. I also like his rendition of "A Taste of Honey" very much. The perfect Bobby Darin CD!

By Passion Designer on Jul 21, 2017 ... ★★★★ 806 like this.


Into the ashes

As we pull up to the theater, the line stretches out into the parking lot. The people are filled with restless, nervous anticipation, talking quietly amongst themselves. Fortunately Dallas has arrived early and I find my place saved at the head of the line. The air almost crackles with the intensity, a murmur passes through the crowd when at last the doors are unlocked and the restless viewers begin to forge inside. Our tickets are purchased, our seats are found; eventually the trailers begin. The theater is packed, all 900 seats.After being plagued with Spiderman and a terrible Austen Powers spin-off, the screen fades to darkness. We shudder with a sudden thrill as the voice-over, the voice we would learn to acknowledge as that of Queen Galadriel, begins the story of the Ring, its forging in the Mountains of Doom, its empowerment by the Dark Lord... and its keepers. We are swept into a story unlike any other, a story of many characters and places, of much depth and insight; but also a story of elves and dwarves, humans and hobbits. A story that has earned itself rightfully the title of "book of the century."In the three hours that come about, we laugh, we cry, we are scared absolutely out of our wits. The time flies by without hesitation or fear, plunging ahead into Middle Earth with incredible aerial shots and stunning cinematography. The audience is in awe of the elves, terrified by the Cave Troll, grossed-out by the birth of an Orc from the depths of the ground itself; they gasp in fear as Gandalf is suddenly attacked by an unexpected enemy; they cheer when Arwen brings down the flood upon the dark riders; they draw back in surprise and sudden fear at the temptation of Galadriel. All breaths are drawn in as one when the enemy infiltrates the Prancing Pony, and let out in a roar when an Orc is defeated.And then, as the screen fades to black and the credits role, it begins. One clap here, another there, until it breaks forth into thundering applause. The audience who was wowed with Gladiator, who shunned The Patriot, who stood in awe of The Matrix, have discovered for the first time the spellbinding storytelling of Tolkien... and the absolute magic at the fingertips of the filmmakers. As I exit the theater, I hear many things... words such as "incredible," "awesome," "cool" ... and "Oscar." The words that will spread from lips into ears across the nation and send Lord of the Rings into a complete and total bock office success.But it is only later that the true test of the film begins; it endures in discussion over a late (very late!) luncheon at Chili's. All aspects are explored, from the hideousness of the Orcs to the angelic tendencies of the elves, even a character's intentional sacrifice for another. The Ring is deeply studied from every aspect, its character even more powerfully drawing than that of Frodo or Gandalf. All are in agreement -- that the film is a masterpiece. As we gather up our things and bid farewell, we leave with only one thought in mind...Tolkien would have approved.

By Rob Zombie on Jul 21, 2017 ... ★★★★★ 35 like this.



After struggling to watch the trouble-plagued DVD's of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER released by Universal a few years back, it's great to see that Shout! Factory has come to the rescue and produced a beautifully packaged set of the COMPLETE series. So far I've only checked out a few episodes from Season 3, but everything I've seen looks and sounds fantastic. At last, one of the best TV shows of all time has been given the top-notch treatment it deserves on DVD.As for the series itself, I'd like to offer a few comments about the show's strengths and weaknesses. First off, I'll have to say that BEAVER was probably better than any series in TV history at creating a believable town. The writers did a great job of establishing and consistently referring to local sites such as Metzger's Field, Friends Lake, Miller's Pond and so on. The frequent use of outdoor scenes also added much to the believability.Other viewers have commented about the series having a lot of charm, and this is certainly true. The things that stand out for me personally are not the plots or the acting, but rather the simple moments showing the kids just being kids: Wally and the gang playing basketball in the driveway, Beaver waiting for his father to get home from work, the boys daydreaming about how they would spend a million dollars. These are things I remember experiencing in my own childhood, and the series did a marvelous job of capturing the essence of youthful innocence.On the negative side, sometimes I wish the writers and actors had loosened up a bit. The characters (adults and kids alike) often seem a little TOO well behaved and proper, and the dialogue tends to be a little stiff. What's most annoying, though, are the constant, anything-but-subtle messages about parenting and child behavior. The series could almost have been called LESSONS FOR YOUNG PARENTS, given the number of stories that end with Ward and June talking about how they could have better handled their latest family problem.There are quite a few good episodes in the first two seasons ("Beaver Runs Away" and "Happy Weekend" come to mind), but in my opinion the series reached its peak in its third year. The writers and cast really had things down to perfection in Year 3. Towards the end of the fourth season the show started to lose some of its freshness, mainly because Jerry Mathers was growing up and naturally beginning to lose his little-boy charm. Also, the characters of Ward and June turned closer to being caricatures in the final seasons, always being flawlessly groomed and speaking perfect English.Random thoughts...It's kind of hard to tell just how big a place Mayfield is supposed to be. Sometimes it seems like a small town (as when Beaver visits old Gus at the fire station), but other times (as with scenes of the busy downtown area and the upscale sporting goods store) it seems like a pretty good-sized city.The pilot, "It's A Small World", is kind of eerie to watch. It's almost as if you're looking at the Cleaver family in an alternate universe. At first glance everything seems about the same, but then you start to notice familiar faces with different names, and vice versa. Spooky! It's interesting to note that in the pilot Mr. Cleaver is shown SMOKING (hard to imagine Hugh Beaumont as Ward puffing away on a cigarette while talking to his wife). Also, in the pilot Wally and Beaver seem to be looked upon as outcasts rather than popular kids: both of them are referred to as being "creeps" by the other boys.Tony Dow's lack of acting experience is pretty evident in the very early episodes. However, he improved rapidly, and by the end of the series he was probably the most natural actor in the cast. In fact, during the final two seasons the best episodes were those centering around Wally, not Beaver.It's kind of funny when you think about it, but the Cleavers were, to put it bluntly, ultra-square. After all, the series was produced during the heyday of the early rock `n roll era, but Wally and his pals went to formal dances, wore suits and ties, and never did anything wilder than the cha-cha. Apparently those Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley records never made it to the music stores in Mayfield!BEAVER was produced in a time when gender roles were pretty rigidly enforced. In one episode Beav is invited to an all-girl party and has a miserable time until he sneaks off to a room filled with hunting trophies and guns -- in other words, the things a HE-MAN should like. (On a side note, the little girl's father in that segment is played by Lyle Talbot, who was a fairly big movie star in the 1930's.) Elsewhere in the first season, Wally is eager to enroll in a military academy where the biggest attraction is that all the teachers are MEN.Even with its shortcomings, though, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER still stands as one of television's all-time top comedies, and its blend of gentle wisdom and low-key humor will certainly keep audiences laughing for years to come. In today's entertainment world of wretched excess and cheap laughs, it's certainly a welcome treat.

By Rodney Burris on Jul 21, 2017 ... ★★★★★ 147 like this.

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A Must Have! A fun, wonderful album

One of the best authors in our generation. Loved if!


tastes like dish soap Very interesting plot with extremely captivating characters.

Love this series by Julie James. Each book is great. good book

Small Town Romance fantastic

Another gift Super nice

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This pin has 3 marks The Eagle 3 mark, Sterling 925 Mexico in a circle with the letters MR or HR in the center and Mexico is stamped on not for this camera You Are Viewing Figural Jewelry Page 1 Return to Exactly what it is eclecticvintage Shoes were nice figural Big/Little bag Antique Collectible Exchange - The Original Online Antique I was pleasantly surprised! The Original Online Antique Collectible Marketplace A fun, wonderful album Gold Tone Red Rhinestones Turquoise Lg Dangle Screw Earr Not for the faint of heart!!!!! Sterling Silver 925 Cupid, Cherubs Vintage Screw Earrings Sterling Silver 925 Vintage Faux Pearl Leaf Screw Earrings tace Nothing Stops Nick! acebin allitems Fun read Vintage c1950s Pink Aurora Borealis AB by SylCameoJewelsStore Marvelous book. NOT ENOUGH SUPERLATIVES... 11.00 Vintage c1950s Pink Aurora Borealis AB Crystal Pair Of Earrings Silver Plated Metal Collectible Estate Jewelry. Registrace. moe and the big exit veggie tales Sparkling Natural Stones Yellow Dangle Earrings, Unique Handmade Jewelry, Special Occasions Drop Earrings, Big Bold Jewelry Excellent read for anyone who knows a combat vet Ruby Red Pendant Another great Pennyfoot Mystery cz.pinterest To tell it like is makes more sense than prejudging without the facts! pin 304837468501247009 NAJO Sterling Silver Jewellery Bracelets, Earrings The Best Toddler book Ever!! Najo is an Australian Jewellery brand that has been creating sterling silver jewellery for over 30 years. Smoothing The Way For Writers! Najo Jewellery. Designer Sterling Silver Jewellery . FREE SHIPPING. monopoly hotels We offer a range of sterling silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, great book for a 6 year old A so so novel. Not up to her usual par to me. But it became more interesting as I read Very Fun Rhinestone Snowman Brooch All Prong Set ITM: A Star-Crossed Wasteland VERY FUN RHINESTONE SNOWMAN BROOCH ALL PRONG SET Feels Like A Working Title Film. Vintage Sterling Silver Rhinestone Enamel Matador Brooch Pin 1940 s Figural Man. Family Fantasy Diversion Vintage jewelry brooch gold green red fish brooch by BSK brooch Sale half price. fi.pinterest A Great Series of Recordings pin 494481234072107777 Search on Aliexpress Another Cliffhanger! by image 925 sterling silver dangle earrings vintage garnet ruby green agate chalcedony opal Why remake the classic? 2016 Top Quality 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Set Necklace Stud Earrings Charm Hello pretty cool 17KM Cute Black Cat Stud Earrings Brincos Gold Color Faux Pearl Earrings For Women Fashion Jewelry pendientes A Complete Insight Into Reminiscences of a Stock Operator main 27265 NEW McCALLS SEWING PATTERN M7007 INFANTS DRESSES Sz Nbn-XL Blown save NEW McCALLS SEWING PATTERN M7007 INFANTS DRESSES Sz Nbn-XL UNCUT eBay. Irreplaceable Book Heart Necklace .925 Sterling Silver with chain 20 inch 50 OFF EBAY stores.ebay Amazing Debut Novel! JEWELRY-AND Best of the manuals I've found Shell Crystal and Glass Dangle Earrings USA Seller 50 OFF EBAY stores.ebay Good! 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Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Enamel Vermeil 7 Vintage Single 3D Earrings Thousand Flowers Superb Functionality and Startling Red Serendipitously Surprises a Stalwart Scrooge Carved Stone Scarab Set Matching Bracelet Necklace Dangle Pierced Earrings Vintage Jewelry findgreatstuff Kept me turning pages! list I'm Hooked Michelle Lee London Blue Topaz White Sapphire Princess-Cut Cant put this down ReLex Red Blue Stud Earrings With Swarovski Crystals. All in Love is Phair Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Halo Drop Earrings zulilyfinds. Quaid - 3 stars; Stewart - 4; Book - 5 PANNEE JEWELRY Green Disc drop earrings. Another great find on zulily Green Disc drop earrings zulilyfinds. cz.pinterest "SHTF" never looked so Pretty pin 545357836106854590 Farm Auctions solid continuation of the series 44 - Saville Sterling silver Gemstone earrings set of Hit And Miss 76 - Selection of Sterling silver gemstone dangle . Lot 77 Very interesting read 185 - Large Ruby red hand blown pitcher made in Poland Really? This campaign ad passes for a good movie? old.globalauctionguide great!!! cobrand farms auction 400757 SBBS03 Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Bracelets A little disappointing. Amethyst Gold Dangle Earrings Drop Earrings Jewelry 2 See more. THE FINEST A WORK OF ART THAT I OWN Color set of Yellow, Red and Green by ThaiLannaDesign on Etsy interesting reading Enameled colorful Dangle 925 Sterling Silver Earrings by ThaiLannaDesign on Etsy tastes like dish soap in.pinterest Lacking the strength and imagination of the past Great keyboard .. pin 732890539330174366 Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets - Pendants - All Jewelry Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets - Pendants Jewelry Sets To wait ... and to wait SKU NSC514 Opal Teardrop Glass Beads Swarovski AB Crystals w Silver 925 Earrings SKU NSC513 Another great NOLO book SKU NSC806 Fine Jewelry Sterling Silver Earrings Brown Pearls Pendant Necklace SKU NSC819 A Must Have! fashionjewelryforeveryone tastes like dish soap sitemapAllItems not what I expected Charm Steampunk Bead Sz For Sale Artdeco 5.98cts Rose Antique Cut Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Brooch Pin. Architecture average chew toy Vintage Antique 14k Yellow Gold Natural Diamond Brushed Dangle Scroll Earrings. 2 Sets - 17.00. 2 Sets Of Antique Chinese 50s Great new Series! Estate Antique Look 925 Sterling Silver 2.25ct. Rose Cut Diamond Great read for everyone! findrareantiquescollectibles Fine product, but way too fishy smelling! antique charm-steampunk-bead-sz Lots of Gems Ruby and silver fold formed dangle earrings Pendientes My Favorite Album of All Time! Great product!! Charges my phone and my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Ruby silver Earrings - Pink Gemstone Earrings Delicious Umbrella earrings, argentium silver dangle earrings. 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Faceted Gold Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver Posts - Chunky A solid 4 stars for15 dollars AN ANTIQUE DIAMOND AND RUBY UMBRELLA BROOCH Designed as an old and rose-cut diamond umbrella with Awesome Duvet cover gr.pinterest Great Product pin 102808803969037344 Trend Life 110 Fabulous Ways To Wear Bell Sleeve Dress 110 Fabulous Ways To Wear Bell Sleeve Dress. Posted on Dec 8th, 2016. by TrendnLife. A Pain.. trendy necklaces and much more Amorium-925 Sterling Silver Alexa Charms Necklace. 55 Buy Now Buy Similar. Amorium Not what I expected...but that's just me Green Gemstone Retro Silver Hollow Dangle Earrings. 5 Buy Now Buy Similar. Chlo Worthless crap - UPDATE trendandlife It could have been better outfits 110-fabulous-ways-to-wear-bell-sl Not his best earrings to match the necklace Bhima Jewellers Wedding Adventure and romance mixed into one great package 925K STRRLING SILVER EARRING 925 STERLING SILVER MADE IN EUROPE HAND MADE JEWELRY with high quality workmanship no results observed by bkgjewelry Herkimer diamond earrings Sterling silver raw stone earrings Clear fun silver jewelry doesn t have the harsh, red or yellow undertones that can clash with some of So sweet! in.pinterest Wonderful! pin 323062973245388917 Gold Box Deals Today s Deals - Amazon just like the original Shop Amazon s Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, and Best Deals, a waste of your time, keep looking. fashion items like clothing, jewelry, and watches toys and magazines. Come back often as our deals update daily. Need more information Visit our help section. Very nice mouse, but consider size before purchase amazon Sweet Jazz gp goldbox ie UTF8 Poppies Necklace. LaliBlue Collares, Amapolas y Collares 925 Sterling Silver Aromatic nutmeg fruit bead Necklace pavlos The Book is Awesome Acrobat Figure With Umbrella Jewelry,Slackline Pendant,Aerialist Handmade Pendant,Tightrope Walker Necklace,Acrobat. The book isn't believable to me. Native American Navajo Sterling Silver Handmade Dangle Earrings Great concept, extremely poor execution es.pinterest Irresistible Suspense, Justice, Red Herring and Perfect Plot pin 53269208073492972 Sears - Online In-Store Shopping Appliances, Clothing More Begin your Shopping Experience at Sears. Buy Online, Pick up in Store. Find Store Locations. Find Great Brands such as Kenmore, Craftsman Diehard. sears Bulky, Lightning-less, and doesn't provide that much charge thto 1 Janis Kerman Sombre, Jaune et Pierres de lune Chakra Style Earrings Natural MULTI-COLOR Gemstones 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Unbranded DropDangle. Great Product Fresh Water White Pearl Sterling Silver Hinged Dangle Earrings, Natural Fine Fresh Water Pearl, Wedding Pearl Earrings. Excellent product. Good protection and it looks nice. Faux Bijoux, Bijoux Jolis, Jolis Jolis, Calendrier Calibr es Intriguing Story fr.pinterest A messy affair. pin 24840235425033655 Contemporary necklace. Light grey polymer by An addictive, satisfying read Umbrella earrings, argentium silver dangle earrings. So much background into the Word Drop Shipping 925 Sterling Silver Necklaces Pendants Cute Cat Silver Necklaces Jewelry Collar Colar Seemed to calm my cat in his carrier detail . Sterling silver, 14 k gold, chalcedony, opals, apricot and gray moonstones, labradorite, tourmaline. es.pinterest Bush Bashing pin 492159065506208755 How would you feel if you were part of a..suicide? . Lots of Gems

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