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Korean version of the trend of multifunction leather strap blue and black men watches

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★★ 64 Customer reviews on September 5, 2016
By alanA, Amazon Customer
love the watch!
I like the design however the connection of the strap to the watch has already split on one side, one of the chain links, however I can't really complain that it cost me 6.99 when a real ones £125

★★★★ 297 Customer reviews on October 5, 2012
By Pauline Weeks, Ebay Customer
Three Stars
Beautiful watch as always from this brand.

★★★★★ 71 Customer reviews on April 19, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Looks great.. classy.. worth every penny..

★★★★ 384 Customer reviews on 5 June 2016
By R. Castro, Ebay Customer
Nice pocket watch for the money
Big, Bold, Beautiful; I love this watch!

★★★★★ 481 Customer reviews on 9 February 2016
By Paul W Pearson, Walmart Customer
Four Stars
If you are looking for quality product, buy it._x000D_ Japanese motor belt drive virtually zero sound, top finish quality build. I have mine by my bed it is so quiet._x000D_ Program Settings – There are four available: Mode 1 (1440/TPD), 6mins clockwise, rest for 30 minutes, repeatable. Mode 2 (1440/TPD), 6 minutes counter clockwise, rest for 30 minutes, then repeated. Mode 3 (5760/TPD), 20 minutes clockwise, rest for 10 minutes, then 20 minutes counter clockwise, rest for 10 minutes, then repeated. Mode 4 (2152/TPD), 10 minutes clockwise, 10 minutes counter clockwise, repeated for three hours, rest for nine hours, then repeated. Plenty of choices to suite a variety of watches._x000D_ Winding Modes – There are three, being clockwise, counter clockwise and automatic bidirectional. These ensure the accuracy of the turns per day and the rotating position. Comes with 18 months warranty.

★★★★★ 764 Customer reviews on December 11, 2015
By Brian, Target Customer
Good quality product looks lovely well made and good value for money. Product arrived quickly and packaged well.

★★★★★ 567 Customer reviews on August 15, 2016
By Sharon M., Walmart Customer
Akribos ceramic watch rev
It was nice at the beginning but after a couple weeks of usage the black tint is starting to fade and you can see the silver color now. Quality is ok, not the greatest, but the con is the discoloration after uses.

★★★★ 457 Customer reviews on June 21, 2015
By Tony Y., Walmart Customer
Five Stars

★★★★★ 31 Customer reviews on July 3, 2016
By PRAMOD KUMAR, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
My little brother loved it, ran a little big but we took out a few links and fits perfectly.

★★★★ 163 Customer reviews on 6 January 2016
By sandesh, Walmart Customer
Nice looking watch but used very cheap material you can ...
Good as expected

★★★★★ 414 Customer reviews on 19 June 2013
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Nice for the price

★★★★★ 181 Customer reviews on 3 January 2016
By Anthony R. Costa, Ebay Customer
Nixon advocate! So trendy and so comfortable.
Not exactly the same colour as apple watch but good quality, comfortable to wear, I had it adjusted by a jeweller!

★★★★★ 878 Customer reviews on 16 August 2016
By Timex Mens T49905GP Expedition Field Chronograph Genuine Leather Strap Black Dial Watch, Walmart Customer
Lovely - and revitalised when washed!
Got this to replace my aging Tissot T-touch II Titanium. I like the larger size and quick and smooth moving hands. Solar panel looks great and leather band and clasp feel quality. Very light weight as well._x000D_ _x000D_ My wrist is about 6.5 - 7" in diameter and I use the inner-most hole for the butterfly clasp setting on the leather band. Even with that, there's still room to spare and the watch sits comfortably on my wrist.

★★★★★ 67 Customer reviews on May 9, 2016
By Carlo, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
First off I would like to say that I absolutely dislike large watches. Second, would be that I absolutely love this one! If you're like me who loves quality, good looking watches, and ABC watch features then go for it and just buy it._x000D_ _x000D_ The watch is somewhat larger but not bulky compared to that of a g-shock or one of its less expensive younger brothers. It is also very light but not in a way that takes away from quality.

★★★★ 771 Customer reviews on December 14, 2015
By Pete156, Walmart Customer
Good quality at a great value
FAB!!! Loved it and it fit perfectly! I bought it for myself (I'm female).

★★★★ 92 Customer reviews on 19 July 2016
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Works well and my son loves it!!

★★★★ 542 Customer reviews on 27 July 2015
By Michael Williams, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Excellent film.