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NAUTICA NST Men's watches A19628G

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★ 685 Customer reviews on 25 June 2015
By Belinda Bigford, Ebay Customer
Easy for 92 Year Old to See
Best looking watch I've very owned. Let see how long it last

★★★★★ 224 Customer reviews on March 20, 2016
By Osmeny, Walmart Customer
watch band buckle needs to be curved -- band could be thicker
Amazing film

★★★★★ 854 Customer reviews on August 26, 2016
By susanmitchell, Target Customer
Great look / Bang for buck!
Exactly what the seller said . I wish sim card was easier to put in watch and take out of watch. Love the color. Super fast shipping . I SO would buy from this store/seller again .

★★★★ 705 Customer reviews on April 9, 2015
By ms p finnigan, Target Customer
Five Stars
This is a great watch. My only gripe would be that the night time illumination is minimal after 3 minutes. A truly unique time piece. The watch band is top quality, and the mechanics are as good as any i have ever had.

★★★★ 57 Customer reviews on December 5, 2015
By Chickenbot, Walmart Customer
does what it says

★★★★★ 279 Customer reviews on April 18, 2015
By AJ/Joe Roman, Walmart Customer
It's my first ever Casio watch to break down - ...
watch arrived a day before expected delivery on a sunday (wasn't expecting that)_x000D_ flawless watch no blemishes or marks, the band however is not as nice as the other_x000D_ luch watches so i will be replacing the band in time. The watch i received looks different_x000D_ than the one in the picture the "luch" font is actually in script and it says "15jewels"_x000D_ with no spaces, also this model apparently is not in production anymore with this logo on it._x000D_ Not a big deal as it looks great i like the script font better, however the seller should_x000D_ change the photo of the product to reflect how the actual item would look. Over all great_x000D_ wind up watch, perfect for anyone looking for a classy dress watch without having to worry_x000D_ about batteries.

★★★★ 341 Customer reviews on March 27, 2016
By tonybaker, Target Customer
Five Stars
This is one stunning watch and much greater a product once it arrives and you see it with your own eyes then the description and images show . always had issues with finding bracelet large enough to fit my wrist .this bracelet has plenty of room for the largest wrist with lots of adjustment superb quality.

★★★★★ 964 Customer reviews on December 18, 2015
By El Tayeb, Walmart Customer
I absolutely love this watch. It looks beautiful and yet is sturdy. The price was really good and the delivery was quick. This is my 3rd Eco-watch and I would highly recommend any of them.

★★★★ 94 Customer reviews on 12 September 2016
By David Phillips, Walmart Customer
good watch.
A lot of tools for the money in a nice handy case. The small screwdrivers need a bit of sharpening, but a handy set to aid watch repair.

★★★★★ 346 Customer reviews on 14 July 2015
By Daniel Price, Amazon Customer
nice box
Good looking watch, but the light is useless, it should have been back lit.

★★★★ 831 Customer reviews on 24 September 2015
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Good looking watch

★★★★★ 949 Customer reviews on 22 December 2015
By AdamJBurke, Walmart Customer
They sent me the wrong colour though (black with white spots instead of white with black spots) but I put it on my Citizen Night
This is a great value, for the price._x000D_ It arrived in a few days._x000D_ Except the little bands are rather tight, so I had to cut one off, and try and stretch the other.

★★★★★ 683 Customer reviews on August 31, 2016
By edwoz, Amazon Customer
Firstly while the watch looks fantastic, it's quality is sub par
nice watch

★★★★★ 624 Customer reviews on October 8, 2014
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Really loved it
This is another chunky watch I purchased online. Not only did I get a GREAT deal on it, but it looks good and goes with many different ensembles in my wardrobe. I would recommend this watch!

★★★★★ 439 Customer reviews on 9 June 2015
By RB, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Great watch, came exactly as expected, looks really nice in person. Try to go see it in person before ordering it just so you can get even more excited for when it comes in!

★★★★ 623 Customer reviews on 26 August 2016
By TP, Target Customer
Looks great!
The watch was far better than expected. The Barbos Stingray watch is a masterpiece of the watchmakers arts. I love it . Thank you .

★★★★★ 777 Customer reviews on 13 August 2016
By Bryan Kite, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
So so

★★★★★ 175 Customer reviews on March 1, 2016
By RJP, Ebay Customer
I love it. sporty and elegant
Really enjoy the look and style for price. Not too heavy but light enough for comfort. Compliments just about any outfit. Very nice watch.

★★★★ 653 Customer reviews on February 1, 2016
By JanieM, Walmart Customer
One Star
This case is very easily dislodged. I had it knocked off 3 times, twice at home. I had it less than 2 weeks before it was knocked off at work or while shopping, and lost for good. Very disappointed !

★★★★ 783 Customer reviews on February 3, 2016
By Inga, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Great watch causal and fancy and for the price its simplicity is amazing

★★★★★ 481 Customer reviews on 6 February 2016
By Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer
... amount of $$$$ I paid how could I not love this watch
Everything as expected. The timing functions n displays are good. As for the ABC functions, they work, but need to understand their accuracy. It's great for the price. The steel band looks a lot better than those plastic ones.