Lower Price For Electric Unisex EW0130050055 CARROWAY Analog Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch For Cheap

Electric Unisex EW0130050055 CARROWAY Analog Display Japanese Quartz Black Watch

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★★★★★ 93 Customer reviews on May 28, 2016
By swetha, Ebay Customer
It is as good as it looks on screen but it does need to be wound up frequently.
One day, Amazon will allow us to rate in half-star increments. Until then, I'll continue to round down, but this is a 4.5 star watch and I'll do my best to explain why._x000D_ _x000D_ I'll start by saying that I really like watches and have over a dozen timepieces in the $300-$600 price range. This Calabria watch is heavy, solid, and very attractive. It keeps excellent time and matches my rose gold Nike Fuelband SE perfectly, which may be a silly reason to buy a watch, but when you have a collection, you start buying watches for occasions or moods._x000D_ _x000D_ I have worn this watch for over two weeks, every single day, from waking to bedtime. At first it felt a bit cumbersome, but after a day or two I quickly acclimated and began to really enjoy the watch._x000D_ _x000D_ I can't speak for it's diving prowess, but it handles showers without issue. A previous reviewer mentioned something about the clasp not being very secure, but I have not had this problem. It holds very securely, even if the deployment clasp is a little quirky in its design. The very edge of the clasp is pretty sharp, so be careful putting on sweaters and jackets. I never had a problem with cuts, but being a little cautious will prevent you from cursing your new wrist wear._x000D_ _x000D_ So why does it lose half of a star? Well, the face and bezel are very attractive, but the black and rose gold hands get lost on the black and rose gold face pretty easily. In dark situations, or even very bright light, this makes you stare at your watch longer than necessary just to tell the time. It's nice to look at, but sometimes you just want to know the time... and quickly. Another complaint could be that the dotted texture of the rubber strap collects lint and dust rather quickly, so some canned air might be something good to have around the house._x000D_ _x000D_ All in all, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. If one of these Calabria models has a style you appreciate, pick it up and put it on. Unless you have a very small wrist, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

★★★★★ 205 Customer reviews on 11 November 2014
By Linda, Walmart Customer
fantastic product
Amazing look, very stylish - love it, many thanks

★★★★ 959 Customer reviews on 19 October 2015
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Five Stars
Love Stuhrling watches. My first was a divers model for work. Takes a beating. Bought this one for dress. Nice looking. Nice price

★★★★ 626 Customer reviews on August 10, 2014
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Four Stars
I own this watch and I really like it. It was a gift from my wife, who loves the stand-out square shape of the face and the subtle but distinctive black dial. The leather band and clasp are also a classic touch. Movement as smooth as glass, and a nice view window on the back side to see the auto-wind mechanism at work. An excellent watch that I love to wear to the office. I also own an Omega Seamaster Pro, but I've gotta say it's tough leaving one at home in favor of wearing the other. An excellent watch, hands down. You will not be disappointed; trust me.

★★★★★ 644 Customer reviews on 21 January 2016
By Subin Sebastian, Target Customer
Well worth the money
Nice watch, big and easy to read

★★★★★ 876 Customer reviews on September 22, 2014
By Larry Schwartz, Target Customer
This watch means more to me than it probably should!
A very nice watch for the price. It looks great, and works well with my watch winder.. The band is a little light weight, but this will not be my everyday_x000D_ watch, but more for going out and getting dressed up. The skeleton designing of this watch is very cool.

★★★★ 158 Customer reviews on 8 August 2016
By Pascal et Natasha, Target Customer
Magnetic band
This case has stood up to a good few months of use and retains its integrity.

★★★★★ 629 Customer reviews on June 9, 2016
By Julio G, Target Customer
Multi-Task Hell
watch works well, is large fairly easy to visualize during sports. as i expected from numerous positive reviews. I felt the extra money for wrist hr monitor was not worth it as my interest lies in training data for which i would wear a traditional hr monitor, rather than calories burned during off times.

★★★★★ 127 Customer reviews on August 15, 2016
By aman kumar, Amazon Customer
Don't like bulky, try this
product is good and service is also good

★★★★★ 46 Customer reviews on 22 February 2016
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Good value for the money

★★★★★ 135 Customer reviews on July 29, 2015
By Mr E, Amazon Customer
nice watch
Just purchased this gold version, to go along with my same model in silver - love it. A very good-looking, classic, everyday watch for work. This woman chose the men's version because I like a more substantial watch (but it's not TOO big), the size is perfect. This model was "unavailable" when I ordered, but I still received it within days. Price was less than in-store sale price. Very happy with this purchase.

★★★★★ 337 Customer reviews on September 4, 2016
By G Jones, Walmart Customer
Four Stars
liked the watch but the quality of the fittings was rubbish. The strap came away from the watch face twice in the first day of wearing it, and twice the next day meaning the watch would just fall off my wrist. I was lucky not to lose it and so returned it on day 3!

★★★★★ 241 Customer reviews on January 15, 2016
By gary, Amazon Customer
a bit expensive but still nice.
Bought this for my wife for her birthday she loves it it looks amazing on a real eye catcher and great price for a designer watch

★★★★ 824 Customer reviews on June 29, 2016
By Don Quitoriano, Ebay Customer
Four Stars
Great watch and great Price no retail store would match amazons price so they lost my business and Amazon got it. Watch is awesome big face heavy unless your a pilot the outer dial is useless but who cares it's cool. This is my second citizen first one lasted 16 years so well made and $360 cheaper online than in stores.

★★★★★ 717 Customer reviews on May 1, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Five Stars
Little difficult in setting and reading the read out but very nice watch, visually appealing.

★★★★ 792 Customer reviews on 11 December 2015
By DWS, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
Would not keep running over night. I had an Invicta for years and it worked perfectly, but not this one. Shoddy and cheap

★★★★ 919 Customer reviews on December 8, 2015
By Deronda Elstrod, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Usually I buy a plain cover for my smartphone as I don't want to draw attention to it, but I fell in love with this design and have found it a well made item that does the job I bought it for, its added advantage is that the actual phone holding space is a supple rubbery type which will not break at the corners if dropped

★★★★ 329 Customer reviews on November 26, 2015
By AMGCLS68, Walmart Customer
Nice gift for any man in your life. The watch is very nice looking especially for the price its going for. The watch was easy to use and the instructions were user friendly. The band is comfortable and the latch holds it on securely. has a ton of different things going on including the time and date as well as provides a nice bright light to read the time for when its dark._x000D_ Its just an overall very nice watch that would make a very nice gift for someone_x000D_ I received this item at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.

★★★★★ 648 Customer reviews on 29 August 2016
By Ed S. Amira, Walmart Customer
It does the job and good value for the money. An attractive case, pretty colour with magnetic fastening.

★★★★ 669 Customer reviews on August 21, 2016
By Client d'Amazon, Walmart Customer
High Quality, Comfortable and Great Colour.
I got this for my Grandson for Christmas as I know he's going to love it. There is nothing minifigure about it, I couldn't believe how big it is. I'm looking forward to his reaction.

★★★★★ 58 Customer reviews on 15 October 2014
By Duane Ross, Target Customer
Must use
This is a great watch, looks very stylish, stays true to the original databank feel, but the gold-coloured plating EASILY rubs off. I'm talking within the first hour of casual wear, the buckle was already silver from the gold rubbing off._x000D_ _x000D_ I would give the watch a 5 star rating if it wasn't for this problem. I would suggest buying the original silver plated watch instead to minimize visible wear.