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Stuhrling Prestige Men's 384.33152 Swiss Noble Quartz Silver Tone Watch

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★★ 798 Customer reviews on February 14, 2016
By Dan R., Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Good product, my nieces liked it very much, they are happy, me too.

★★★★ 537 Customer reviews on December 26, 2012
By reader45, Walmart Customer
Four Stars
Awesome watch

★★★★ 549 Customer reviews on June 10, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Five Stars
Positives:_x000D_ Easy for my child to take on and off._x000D_ Unmissable but discreet reminder buzz._x000D_ _x000D_ Less positive:_x000D_ A little tricky to set up alarms_x000D_ Not submersible_x000D_ _x000D_ Be prepared for frequent battery changes if you are utilizing the vibrate alarms(no point in getting this watch if you aren't) I would estimate 4-6 weeks of battery life.

★★★★★ 587 Customer reviews on 25 December 2015
By J.C. W., Amazon Customer
Sizing is WAAAAAAAY off
All good

★★★★★ 36 Customer reviews on May 3, 2015
By webhex, Walmart Customer
wonderful piece of time keep
Looks nice but it's hard to see time due to biddle are bland in with inner movement.

★★★★★ 57 Customer reviews on January 18, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Four Stars
This watch is especially for a man that will treasure true value, quality and style. Its classy and fine design is breathtaking. You will get lots of compliments for it. Timekeeping is outstanding, doesn't loss any minutes or seconds. This watch is a true pleasure for classy dress and special occasions. Thanks for producing such great watches.

★★★★ 676 Customer reviews on May 1, 2016
By Mr Adam R Walker, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
A magnetic strap for the watch that already has a watch with a magnetic buckle. What was I thinking?_x000D_ The super strength of the magnet sure does fasten the strap but then it clings onto the magnet at the back of the watch which is quite annoying when charging._x000D_ It is great for "stealing" poker chips (with a metal weight in) from your mates when moving your watch over their chips.

★★★★★ 311 Customer reviews on June 13, 2016
By Vimal, Walmart Customer
Works as described, same as the OEM charger I had received.

★★★★ 127 Customer reviews on September 10, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Great watch, cheap clasp
watch OK - watch band needed repair.

★★★★★ 362 Customer reviews on June 18, 2016
By Mitch Hutchinson, Ebay Customer
yes, just do it you pansies
Nice watch! It's hard to find a nice looking analog watch that is quality, but won't break the bank. This fit the bill and was a great gift for my son.

★★★★★ 781 Customer reviews on July 31, 2016
By TRANKY, Ebay Customer
New style on a classic favourite.
Despite reading a number of negative reviews, I bought one of these winders for a simple reason: I have had a similar one for the last three years, and it's been mostly excellent. So, with the need to autowind more watches, a second, similar unit was needed. So, this is both a commentary on the new units, and a comparison with the earlier units. I can't comment on the long-term reliability of the new devices as I've had it less than a month, but so far, so good, and my earlier unit is still functioning perfectly._x000D_ _x000D_ Differences between the old (three years old) and new (one month old) units are somewhat minor, but also perhaps significant. To start with, the fit and finish on both units is excellent. For the money, I was surprised at the quality of the construction three years ago and the same applies today with the new unit. The wood is perfectly fit, nicely polished, and attractive. Both my units are cherry wood, and they match, although the shape of the unit has changes a little with the new device more curved on the lid surface. Three major differences between my two units: the old one had a damped lid, so it opened and closed softly and never banged; there's no damping on the new unit (too bad; that was a nice touch); the new unit has the controls in the bed of the unit, the old unit had them on the back (not much difference in functionality, really, although the old unit had one set of controls for all four rotating units, while the new has two knobs for two units each); and finally, the old unit had plush pillows and wraps for the watches while the new unit is a smooth plastic finish. Any of these differences significant really? I miss the lid mechanism of the old unit on the new, and often find myself dropping the new lid with a bang, but that's about it._x000D_ _x000D_ The old mechanism has become a little noisy, but keep in mind it's used every hour, for three years. And it's not very loud, just enough to be noticeable late at night. It wasn't like that to start, but has gotten progressively a little louder, presumably due to wear and tear of the mechanism. I haven't tried to take the unit apart to see about fixing it because it's just not that bad. And all eight wheels still work fine, so I have high hopes for the new unit._x000D_ _x000D_ Time will tell whether the new unit gives me the sort of overall performance of the old, but so far, I'm happy with it. Keep in mind that this is a heck of a bargain at the price, winding eight watches. Comparative units cost many thousands of dollars, so even if I can get three years from the new unit, I'll feel happy. My watches like being autowound, and keeping them ticking properly is worth this investment. Overall, very pleased with the unit.

★★★★ 711 Customer reviews on March 21, 2015
By Book lover, Ebay Customer
no happy

★★★★ 882 Customer reviews on August 24, 2014
By Keith Bennett, Ebay Customer
the hardened glue was very rough and painful against the underside of my wrist
I loved the watch but the pin fell off after a couple of shifts so I have had to purchase another different make of watch

★★★★ 813 Customer reviews on 27 November 2015
By Mark Dyer, Target Customer
Five Stars
Great watch. Great service. Nothing more to be said.

★★★★★ 142 Customer reviews on 30 August 2016
By david charlesworth, Amazon Customer
Four Stars
Very happy with this watch. Very comfortable, easy to use. Very easy to read .Delivery was very quick.

★★★★★ 961 Customer reviews on 8 May 2016
By omg.it.must.be.jessie, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Nice and rich look

★★★★★ 34 Customer reviews on May 5, 2011
By Angela, Walmart Customer
Nicewatch but heavy and hard to set the digital ...
My son loved this lil movie

★★★★ 452 Customer reviews on February 20, 2015
By J. Stenulis, Amazon Customer
not bad
Better than paying for fitting elsewhere.

★★★★ 865 Customer reviews on May 21, 2016
By B.B., Ebay Customer
One Star
GGI International WTK-037 Metal Watch Repair Kit_x000D_ Cheap tool but works really well, you don't need any more to do bracelet adjustment.

★★★★★ 327 Customer reviews on June 29, 2015
By Gail 1429, Target Customer
Amazing! Classy
I always 100% satisfied with amazon

★★★★ 726 Customer reviews on 4 August 2016
By Ryan, Walmart Customer
Nice big watch