Inexpensive Price For Automatic Mechanical Watch Winner Women Dress Watches Reloj Mujer Promo 2016

Automatic Mechanical Watch Winner Women Dress Watches Reloj Mujer

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★ 165 Customer reviews on September 1, 2016
By JR, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Handsome watch, looks worth much more than I paid

★★★★★ 759 Customer reviews on 17 December 2014
By manon renaud, Target Customer
Superb value
Terrible product. Awful quality. Wished I'd never ordered it. In reality it's just an eyesore.

★★★★★ 247 Customer reviews on January 15, 2016
By Pen Name, Amazon Customer
This is a great Blaze band
well made and functional.

★★★★ 987 Customer reviews on May 12, 2016
By Annie Cormier, Target Customer
Don't waste your money!!
Very nice especially for the price._x000D_ _x000D_ It has some words (Geneva platinum) which are not in the picture. no problem for me.

★★★★★ 701 Customer reviews on December 17, 2014
By tony?w, Walmart Customer
One Star
Item arrived on the day promised, 3 days after ordering it. Tested unit and it worked as well as the original, having a second charging cord is super convenient especially when travelling. Pleased with my purchase.

★★★★ 263 Customer reviews on January 7, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Always get compliments on the shirt in here so often complete strangers and they were the favorite band of the individual
Have had the watch for a couple of months now. I am a fairly active guy so a regular watch tends to get in my way and usually gets ruined. This watch is almost perfect. Only complaint is that the bezel is too easy to scratch. Otherwise is an awesome watch for me.

★★★★★ 182 Customer reviews on 26 November 2015
By Gower, Walmart Customer
Looks Exactly Like The Picture!
it is really big ! otherwise I would love it

★★★★ 141 Customer reviews on September 19, 2016
By P H Factor, Target Customer
Five Stars
Watch is nice. Rugged. Nice feel. Weighty. Great face and details. However ... I urge you if you are reading this to buy from a jeweler or reputable dealer. Do you really know who you are buying from? Amazon's wonderful return polices make it ok but still, buy at you own risk.

★★★★★ 325 Customer reviews on July 25, 2015
By Suz32, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Can't be happier with the watch. Form and function is the name of the game and it works well with the outfit of your choosing. I found that the watch works great for dressier situations as well as casual settings as well. Only qualm I have is that there are no instructions for the actual use of the watch so you have to manually set the date but if you're not lazy it only takes about five minutes. In overall great watch. I would recommend it.

★★★★ 723 Customer reviews on January 20, 2016
By Casch, Amazon Customer
It is beautiful though.
works better then leather one.

★★★★★ 779 Customer reviews on July 26, 2016
By jose bravo, Ebay Customer
Looks so much better in person
nice watch and in amazon prime deals i couldn't let it pass by

★★★★★ 69 Customer reviews on November 23, 2015
By Chiku, Walmart Customer
Love it
The back light on thist watch isn't working. It worked when I first opened the package...but now it doesn't. waste of money!

★★★★ 695 Customer reviews on September 10, 2014
By Kolin R Reese, Target Customer
Great watch! Bullet proof
Nice watch! It is Eco-Drive. So I do not need to worry the battery power. You know. Changing battery is so complex. And you may afraid that the changing process would cut down the using time.

★★★★★ 15 Customer reviews on 28 December 2015
By Andres U, Target Customer
Five Stars
Great case - love it! Thanks 🙂

★★★★ 12 Customer reviews on October 14, 2015
By Tony Dang, Ebay Customer
Automatic Coolness!
The watch is great! worth the money. The packaging however is poor. I think the cosmetic cream that i purchased from amazon was packed more carefully than a watch. The worst part is 'certificate of warranty' is blank!!!

★★★★★ 262 Customer reviews on September 16, 2016
By BathJan, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
grandson was thrilled to bits with it. looks a very elegant watch when worn.

★★★★★ 114 Customer reviews on 17 September 2016
By zep, Walmart Customer
My current favorite.
The watch is well made, pleasing, simple design for a chronograph, with a quality "look and feel". The band and securing catch are very well designed and executed with an additional "catch" that secures the band latch mechanism._x000D_ It is, however a BIG watch, and heavy enough to be noticeable, but not objectionable._x000D_ Am dubious about the validity of the posted "retail" price of $795, but for under a hundred bucks, is a great value.