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Army Black Knights Ladies Stainless Steel and Gold Tone Watch

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★★★★★ 686 Customer reviews on 20 September 2016
By Ms. Pamela Shepherd, Target Customer
Good purchase!
I had wanted another self-wind for a long, long time, since that was one of THE best watches I had ever owned, back in the 1990's. (But that one was U.S.-made, though relatively about the same price, in adjusted dollars.) This one fills the bill nicely and elegantly. It is a much more beautiful design than I owned before. This watch is truly in the 'designer' class. This is larger than most people will be accustomed to, for watches in recent years, so expect that. Personally, I like that (for a man), but it will be individual tastes. Yeah, it's flashy and will attract attention, but so what? Isn't that the whole point? This is not a watch that I would wear while using my chainsaw! I have always liked the intrigue of anything mechanical that is see-through, too, and have already bought several clocks with that feature, so this is a preference for me. This stem unscrews for settings, which is a bit different from what I remember of my previous mechanical model. This is a brilliant and innovative design and I like it, but for long-term reliability and collectibility, I really wish it were made of U.S. and Swiss parts, not China.

★★★★ 86 Customer reviews on January 1, 2016
By frances samosa, Amazon Customer
Five Stars

★★★★★ 777 Customer reviews on August 18, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer
The cable is working very well. I had a few problems with some other ones, but then I discovered that there was some dust trapped in the lower part of the iPhone. Now everything is absolutely fine.

★★★★★ 631 Customer reviews on August 15, 2016
By Jay R Lowy, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
watch lost 5mins/day.. returned

★★★★ 254 Customer reviews on September 9, 2016
By steverino1, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Wow. I got this for £10 and it has served me very well for such a small price

★★★★ 401 Customer reviews on April 3, 2013
By Shakeel I., Amazon Customer
If you are planning to buy fossil please don't buy ...
One of the buttons fell off after a few uses. I did not see where the button fell and now the watch has a hole on it.

★★★★★ 864 Customer reviews on 11 January 2016
By Dianne Seibel, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
Overall very pleased. Received this watch 3 weeks ago and it's still ticking fine. Keeps reasonably good time. Strap is holding up nicely, just don't tighten it too much and your fine. White markings around the outside rubbed off completely within a couple days. However the seller viewed a picture and offered to send a replacement right away so I'm very please. Excellent watch for the price.

★★★★★ 606 Customer reviews on June 13, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Very durable and solid watch
I'm happy with this item. It is an excellent article and I'm happy because it has worked perfectly as described by the seller. 100% recommend the purchase of this item.

★★★★★ 138 Customer reviews on 13 June 2016
By HappyToBeeMe, Amazon Customer
Look beautiful and fit great on my wrist
It a nice wallet but it is a little big for my flavor.

★★★★★ 401 Customer reviews on September 17, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
I gave the watch to my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. The bracelet was too big but you could adjust the bracelet yourself so that made it possible for her to start wearing immediately.

★★★★★ 484 Customer reviews on September 3, 2016
By Burg34, Walmart Customer
Mobile phone screen magnifier
Love my watch supercede expectations

★★★★ 717 Customer reviews on 16 September 2016
By Chris, Amazon Customer
Awesome face, terrible strap.
Husband loved it

★★★★★ 797 Customer reviews on 3 July 2016
By Hassnain, Amazon Customer
Classic Piece at an Affordable Price
They are nice, but have to return them as they are too small for me (although I have always struggled to find sunglasses that would suit me). They are too big for my 2 year old.

★★★★★ 809 Customer reviews on August 16, 2016
By Leo, Ebay Customer
Great value
Really good service, no issues at all

★★★★ 09 Customer reviews on September 15, 2014
By Fenix56, Ebay Customer
One Star
Great value, saw this in Duty Free the next day more expensive than I paid from here._x000D_ All works great and tide function seems to be working to my tide tables fine no set.

★★★★★ 24 Customer reviews on May 4, 2014
By KS Jayhawk, Target Customer
Love it!!!
Fits multiple wrists, very easy to put the watch on the watchband. The only very tiny change I would make would be to have a different keeper strap. The end of the watch strap tends to slip out of the metal keeper. Other than that it's great, fits well, fits the watch (Pebble watch) well, fantastic amount of colors._x000D_ _x000D_ EDITED 4 months after initial purchase - the little tongue piece fell out. I did buy another from the same company - it's inexpensive enough, and it's one of the few 22 mm straps available, which is the size needed for the Pebble smartwatch. Wish there were another option, I'm not really thrilled with the durability of this one.

★★★★★ 458 Customer reviews on 19 February 2015
By Edward Kornbluh, Amazon Customer
Four Stars
Great & nice product """"

★★★★★ 908 Customer reviews on May 16, 2008
By tunesmoker, Target Customer
Five Stars
Purchased this band over five (5) months ago. In my opinion, it is a quality product that looks great and feels comfortable. It has a double safety catch so I have no concerns about it coming loose and slipping off my wrist. I would definitely purchase this item again.

★★★★ 701 Customer reviews on October 7, 2013
By Sharon, Walmart Customer
Nice real leather strap, works well with the smarter look
Great product great value on time delivery

★★★★★ 344 Customer reviews on January 8, 2010
By Mark S, Walmart Customer
Looks nice, but when I got my watch it was really big and didn't fit well and really bulky I wear a 33 and this was a 55 I should have looked at the measurements however I just don't think it's a decent one for the price

★★★★ 114 Customer reviews on November 17, 2015
By mr T, Target Customer
Great film
Lovely watch at a bargain price. Looks fab on my wrist