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WSGK037 Bamboo Wooden Women's Leather Watches Wristwatches

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★★ 663 Customer reviews on 24 August 2015
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Awesome watch
this broke the 1st time i used it not good at all thrown it in the bin would not waste my money on cheap chinese items again.

★★★★★ 939 Customer reviews on August 14, 2016
By tinha, Amazon Customer
Great watch
Bought for my granddaughter..lots of laughs

★★★★ 61 Customer reviews on January 19, 2006
By Fernando P., Ebay Customer
WOW factor
great item

★★★★★ 476 Customer reviews on May 3, 2016
By Debbitee, Target Customer
One Star
No issues, just as advertised.

★★★★★ 533 Customer reviews on April 19, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer
great price for a versitale look

★★★★ 826 Customer reviews on October 1, 2014
By Howard R., Target Customer
Five Stars
Very nice cover. I used the same on my Nexus 7 and I really like it. Fits very well._x000D_ One thing though, the weight is 210 grams not 45 as the product details says._x000D_ So total weight with tablet will be 540 gram, so it is a bit on the heavy side._x000D_ The best thing is the handle which makes easy to hold the tablet in portrait mode for reading.

★★★★★ 139 Customer reviews on June 28, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
Great Apple Watch Band Comparable to the Expensive Apple Version.
Loved the watch very much. I got a lot of compliments from it.

★★★★★ 12 Customer reviews on June 26, 2013
By Cat_W, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
great watch.

★★★★ 835 Customer reviews on October 27, 2014
By Hannah Coffey, Ebay Customer
Good quality. Nice watch for Lefty's
Added the mako to my existing Ray.....orient auto divers are an addiction, and wonderful to my mako!

★★★★ 122 Customer reviews on October 6, 2014
By Doc Bunny, Ebay Customer
Nice watch strap.
I adjusted the band myself and this is my very first time doing that. This watch is not built with premium materials but it looks fine. The Indiglo feature is so fine.

★★★★ 506 Customer reviews on April 11, 2015
By Patrick jasunas, Amazon Customer
Five Stars

★★★★ 573 Customer reviews on 10 February 2016
By john william sharp, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
Beautiful watch! Monogrammed it and it is now a treasure for a special man.

★★★★ 504 Customer reviews on 10 January 2016
By Ricky, Walmart Customer
Excellent value
the price for this is great. in two weeks of wearing chain got broke, went to local store to fix it. Size is lesser than I thought.. Also, the richness is missing.. photos shows better than real one, spending little more money would have been better to meet the needs...

★★★★ 652 Customer reviews on July 16, 2015
By Computer Dave, Target Customer
Gorgeous watch. I know my dad will love this for his Christmas present. Excellent value and arrived quickly

★★★★ 585 Customer reviews on 29 November 2015
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
Two Stars
didn't fit on watch

★★★★★ 574 Customer reviews on April 2, 2016
By MB, Walmart Customer
Four Stars
Love it!!! size, style everything about it fits well with the new trend. Excellent buy!!! Highly recommended as you can wear it anywhere and anytime.

★★★★★ 382 Customer reviews on 23 August 2016
By Carole Martin, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Not what I expected colors were not rich. Seemed faded

★★★★★ 478 Customer reviews on 12 December 2015
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Five Stars
excellent quality! great price really pleased with my purchase thank you .

★★★★★ 06 Customer reviews on May 25, 2014
By MRS J H, Amazon Customer
Despite it taking forever for it to arrive, I ...
Good quality for the price paid. Watch is well made and feels solid with the weight. Nice laser imprint of TW STEEL on the side of dial. Recommended for sporty people.

★★★★ 308 Customer reviews on 5 September 2016
By MLP K., Ebay Customer
Five Stars
The problem was solved well. It seems to be a good seller. Cool watch design.

★★★★★ 567 Customer reviews on 7 February 2016
By Jameel G., Ebay Customer
Absolutely amazing!
The cover arrived very very late and it doesn't even stay on the watch. Keeps falling off. It's not a very good design.