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Creighton Bluejays Mens Executive Watch

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★★ 27 Customer reviews on September 19, 2016
By kelton, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
Its design, functionality and price seem great.

★★★★★ 724 Customer reviews on October 5, 2015
By Paul F. Cooper, Amazon Customer
Can't complain.
I really like this watch. The strap says "genuine leather" and feels nice. I like how the watch looks both dressy and casual. The face is heavy. My wrist is just between strap holes so either wear it tight or loose. However, the holes are spaced like a dress watch. Shouldn't be a problem for larger or average wrists._x000D_ All the dials are functional. The date and day dials change around 3 am. So set them accordingly. There is separate setting for the day dial, the date and 24 hour dial run off the clock setting._x000D_ Hope that helps. Enjoy.

★★★★★ 824 Customer reviews on February 10, 2015
By Charles Poulin / Quincaillerie Limoilou, Walmart Customer
Buy this now!
super quiet

★★★★★ 104 Customer reviews on August 22, 2016
By Joy Deb, Target Customer
Great storage for watches
First the watch and all I can say is pictures don't do it justice the stainless steel is brushed to a very high polish.Under the beautiful sapphire crystal every detail on the dial is just done with the highest attention to detail.The 43mm case just fits the wrist perfect and is not to small or to big a very happy medium.The sapphire case back is unbelievable to look thru and see the Calibre 36(ZENITH EL PRIMERO) which are basically the same.To actually look at the craftsmanship that goes into a mechanical watch and see the movement work you can appreciate why your spending this kind of money on a watch it is almost like looking at a piece of art.Second buying from Amazon was just perfect next day delivery as promised plus saved me over $3000 on what I was quoted at Jarreds.

★★★★ 879 Customer reviews on July 3, 2014
By David Mitchell, Ebay Customer
Four Stars
Love it, rugged, thick, & comfortable.. can't beat the price

★★★★★ 901 Customer reviews on 26 July 2016
By Luis Pimentel, Ebay Customer
Four Stars
the bracelet no is the same material normally casio watches make , this what I have is little more hard , no the same flexibility the casio make before o maybe is the where the watch was made , this is only my problem , the ruber bracelet , now I think I need the original material ruber braceletwhit the iriginal flexibility, part this my watch weok perfect, thanks for send me this review

★★★★★ 611 Customer reviews on 15 July 2016
By michael markey, Walmart Customer
Best buy in this price range
Does what it says but, not very accurate sleep tracker.

★★★★★ 847 Customer reviews on September 19, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
20th Anniversary!
Great watch as you would expect from Luminox and their collection. Although the picture makes it look like the Bezel numbers are yellow, they are actually orange like the face of the watch. I was looking for the SAR model, which is no longer made and this one it's a great replacement (identical) without the SAR name on it. It's a great size 44mm, 23 mm strap makes it look very masculine._x000D_ _x000D_ I have a number of high end watches, but this one is a great watch to swim, dive or simply take on trips to scary locations. Great watch at a great price, highly recommended._x000D_ _x000D_ Cheers.....

★★★★★ 598 Customer reviews on September 17, 2016
By si skull, Amazon Customer
Stylish and Unisex
This was a Christmas present for my husband and so far so good. The watch was shipped quickly and seems to be working great so far. I was a little disappointed with the color of the gold. It looks nicer online than it does in person, but for the cost; I feel it is a good watch.

★★★★ 878 Customer reviews on January 21, 2013
By Natasha, Target Customer
Good case

★★★★ 918 Customer reviews on September 17, 2016
By j.ellyss, Amazon Customer
Disappointed with colour
I bought this watch for my son. As usual, the Casio watch meets all of his expectations. Very easy to use and is what he wants in a watch.

★★★★ 153 Customer reviews on 24 August 2016
By Ramon Ortiz, Walmart Customer
So far so good with this watch
very accurate.

★★★★ 29 Customer reviews on March 1, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Ebay Customer
It's is too good.

★★★★ 606 Customer reviews on December 3, 2015
By Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer
Three Stars
Caution: These Chinese-produced shirts are sized for Asiatic sizes. I picked up to XL sized (and have another on order), as I like some leeway in sizing. They're pretty much skintight. Also, the material is much lighter than, say, a Beefy Tee. The pattern is nicely executed, but now I need to save up and reorder a replacement that fits more comfortably._x000D_ _x000D_ I'm satisfied with the overall produce, but the size issue is a problem for me.

★★★★ 247 Customer reviews on September 19, 2016
By victor partee, Target Customer
Five Stars
very good

★★★★★ 877 Customer reviews on April 27, 2016
By louise scanlon, Amazon Customer
Five Stars
I found these rayban to be much larger than my other pair and so sadly had to return.

★★★★ 818 Customer reviews on October 13, 2014
By J Doggett, Amazon Customer
Three Stars
The good: good looking, heavy but balanced_x000D_ The bad: the seconds hand not aligned with the markers (i can live with that, but still...)_x000D_ The 2 watches are not in sync. I was expecting, for good or worse, both watches to be driven by the same quartz. However the analog one gained almost a second in 24 hours. That is unacceptable for me (cheaper analog-digital watches can do that). If there is a way to keep them in sync, i could not find it._x000D_ Needless to say, i returned this watch to Amazon (hassle-free, as always).

★★★★★ 369 Customer reviews on 24 January 2016
By Josy kriegel, Walmart Customer
Little Gem
Meet my expectations of how fast it charged

★★★★ 862 Customer reviews on June 29, 2016
By Jeff, Walmart Customer
Five Stars
Easy to put on with the zippered pant. The extra pockets come in handy!

★★★★★ 821 Customer reviews on August 4, 2016
By Sumeet, Walmart Customer
Beautiful finish and design

★★★★ 231 Customer reviews on October 6, 2015
By Venus, Walmart Customer
Nice product cool look and finish