Discount Cost With Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC8096 Classic Analog Display Analog Quartz Brown Watch on Sale

Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC8096 Classic Analog Display Analog Quartz Brown Watch

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Top Customer Reviews:

★★★★ 359 Customer reviews on 21 June 2016
By good fun to see just how little material can make a strong bridge, Walmart Customer
Wooden watch at its finest!
Well, it doesn't work. Worst watch I've ever owned. Every hour or so it just stops working. Then you catch it, reset it and wait for it to do it again. Utter garbage. Don't be an idiot like me, spend another $15 extra and buy something that will actually work.

★★★★★ 702 Customer reviews on 13 September 2015
By Montrose, Walmart Customer
Good watch
Best $13.00 I spent this week.

★★★★★ 242 Customer reviews on July 15, 2016
By Richard Shaw, Ebay Customer
Great product!
The micro usb has a nice tight fit. cord is strong and seem very durable. only down side is when I plug it to charge my galaxy note 4 the Anker logo is facing the bottom unlike it on the picture._x000D_ The finish to the plastic could be better but thats me being very picky.

★★★★ 205 Customer reviews on 29 July 2013
By Mabel Diaz, Walmart Customer
Great watch!
Very good watch I used for long time..

★★★★★ 227 Customer reviews on September 10, 2016
By Chadappa, Target Customer
Great Product (some flaws, but otherwise good)
very bad. I got defective watch. returning it

★★★★★ 437 Customer reviews on September 17, 2016
By Derek Favretto, Ebay Customer
Two Stars
Happy with product good for displaying smaller watches

★★★★★ 274 Customer reviews on 24 April 2016
By D. M., Amazon Customer
Four Stars
Did not have the two tone band, was solid sliver.

★★★★ 819 Customer reviews on 9 August 2016
By [email protected], Walmart Customer
Unequaled Lume.... Big & Stunning.... But Has Problems.
Love it, looks really nice considering how much it cost in my opinion.

★★★★★ 255 Customer reviews on 14 September 2016
By AE, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
Good watch. Impressed with the quality for the the price. Keeps time well and hasn't lost a second. Just don't forget to wind it. The only thing is it's not as Matt as it looks on the pictures and is a bit too shinney hence why I swapped the strap. Good everyday watch.

★★★★★ 233 Customer reviews on 16 October 2013
By Kyle Dunn, Ebay Customer
Five Stars
This product met our expectations and our daughter was overjoyed to receive it.we like how it has the the numbers on the outside to help teach little ones how to tell the time

★★★★ 597 Customer reviews on August 9, 2016
By Craig R, Walmart Customer
Hi am realy upset this item cause I like it so much but this is defeated it stopped ...
Very trendy everyone loves it and keeps brilliant time, goes with anything , the colours are great but strap not brilliant starting to fray .

★★★★★ 545 Customer reviews on 9 April 2016
By B., Amazon Customer
Great looking watch
Package Arrived in excellent condition

★★★★★ 948 Customer reviews on March 3, 2015
By Warren Dehan, Ebay Customer
Excellent watch at a great price
Very Good product

★★★★ 667 Customer reviews on 13 August 2016
By Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer
Neck part is huge !!! Like XXXL !!
Received the wrist band today, not really orange but a salmon colour....still very beautiful

★★★★★ 427 Customer reviews on September 17, 2016
By John Blake, Target Customer
Five Stars
So so.

★★★★★ 727 Customer reviews on 21 July 2016
By Amazon Customer, Target Customer
Really good looking

★★★★ 636 Customer reviews on September 5, 2016
By Rossmary Martinez, Ebay Customer
Three Stars
Ordered this watch for my son, who has a large watch collection. Thought it couldn't be complete without a 'Happy Face' watch. Read previous reviews and was hesitant to purchase it. Couldn't be happier. Packaging was incredible. Came on a soft yellow 'happy face' ball - is a great display to keep it on. Watch keeps perfect time and is now my son's favorite. Highly recommend this product.

★★★★★ 539 Customer reviews on February 27, 2016
By Amazon Customer, Walmart Customer
One Star
Very cute!

★★★★★ 415 Customer reviews on 1 August 2016
By AngueB, Amazon Customer
Good buy with a color for every wardrobe
Very pleased

★★★★ 432 Customer reviews on May 4, 2015
By anthony, Target Customer
Four Stars
It's not bad for what you pay for

★★★★ 302 Customer reviews on 2 October 2014
By Jackie Y, Target Customer
300: End of a franchise
Exactly what I wanted - large face, very attractive, and incredibly cheap - and it works and keeps time accurately. The watch band is plastic leather, not great, but whatever.